Fallon Taylor Breaking the Stigma of Wearing Helmets

2014 World Champion Barrel Racer Fallon Taylor talks about why she wants to break the stigma of wearing helmets.

Leading By Example – Trish Hyatt

I am a horse trainer and coach and have always made my junior riders wear helmets and strongly suggested my adult riders should.  One day I was called out to ride a Percheron (ex-runaway) that was for sale and some one had fallen off of him.  I was not concerned, he was a good boy, […]

Why Western Riders Should Consider Wearing Helmets – Tammy Sandidge

“Not only do riders in English disciplines need to use helmets but also in Western ones as well. My husband and I have ridden all our lives,  have made kids wear helmets, but we did not. My husbands horse fell with him on top coming out of our barn at a walk. He now has […]

Dressage Trainer Turned Barrel Racer Still Wears Helmets

“I am a Dressage trainer who has started barrel racing this mare because she didn’t want to be a Dressage horse. Rather than force her to do something she didn’t want to do, and rather than sell her, I thought I’d try something new, and she is LOVING the barrel racing! And so am I! […]

Mary Miller Jordan: Bridleless And With Helmet on Mustang (Video)

Love this latest video from our helmet wearing cowgirl friend, Mary Miller Jordan. “This is Magic Carpet Ride, a BLM Mustang mare from South Steens, OR. We picked her up from the holding facility Sept. 19th, 2011. I thought we were due an update since it’s been six months from pickup day! We are continuing […]

Open To Change: Facilitating Conversations About Wearing A Helmet With Western Riders

Tonya Johnston is a mental skills coach (and soon-to-be published author) who works with equestrian competitors. She discussed “Facilitating Conversations About Wearing A Helmet With Western Riders” at the 3rd Riders4Helmets Helmet Safety Symposium, held January 14th in West Palm Beach, FL. See below for Tonya’s video presentation from the symposium and please always wear […]