Speaker Profile: Tammy Sronce (4th Safety Symposium)

A native Australian, Tammy arrived in Texas in 1999 to train cutting horses. After years of riding cutting horses with hall of Fame cutting trainer Lindy Burch, Tammy embarked on a career in mounted shooting. Tammy is a multiple World and National Champion CMSA Cowgirl (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association), a past World Record Holder and a Cowgirl Hall of Fame nominee. Tammy was also the first cowgirl to reach Level 6 (the highest level of CMSA Competition), the first cowgirl to sweep all four major CMSA Championships and the only cowgirl in history to win an overall CMSA National Rifle Championship, against the cowboys.

Tammy is also the host of the Western Radio Show, which is part of the Horse Radio Network and the Marketing Manager for the American Competitive Trail Horse Association. After attending the 3rd Riders4Helmets Safety Symposium in 2012, Tammy felt compelled to help educate trail riders within ACTHA, and promote the use of helmets out on the trail. Rules within the American Competitive Trail Horse Association were subsequently updated, requiring all helmets on the ACTHA trail to be SEI/ASTM approved. Along with Ovation Helmets, Tammy was fundamental in creating the Ovation Safety Award for ACTHA riders. This award tracked the use of helmets in all ACTHA trail challenges throughout the competitive season and awarded safety points to those who chose to wear a helmet. At the end of the season, the 5 top ACTHA riders who collected the most safety points in each division, were awarded an Ovation helmet.

The week followings Tammy’s return from the 2012 Safety Symposium, she was involved in an automobile accident involving a drunk driver. Tammy suffered a head injury and has not been unable to show in mounted shooting since then. Tammy has been permitted to ride lightly on a few occasions since the accident and is now a helmet ambassador herself. Tammy will undergo surgery on January 15th 2013, in order to attempt to correct a condition caused by the accident. She hopes to return to the competition arena by 2014.

Tammy’s Benefit Auction which is underway right now is www.TammySronce.com

Tammy personal website is www.Texasshootinghorses.com


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