Head Injury Prevention Tips

Wear a properly fitting certified helmet during equestrian activities. If you reside in the USA and would like to see a current list of helmets certified by the Safety Equipment Institute to ASTM standard F1163, please go to www.seinet.org and click on “Certified Products”, then click on “Equestrian Helmets”.

Always fasten the safety harness on your helmet. A helmet will NOT protect you if it comes off your head before you hit the ground.

Do NOT wear other riders’ helmets. Your helmet is designed to fit YOUR head. An incorrectly fitting helmet offers no protection. See this link for a video on correct helmet fit.

If you have a hard blow impact accident while wearing your helmet, IMMEDIATELY replace it for a new model. There may be damage to the helmet that is not visible to the naked eye.

Helmet Manufacturers generally recommend replacing your helmet every 5 years or so. Helmets take a beating over time from sweat, heat, dust and rain etc. See this link for further information on when to replace your helmet.

If you purchase your helmet online, check the date of manufacture. Purchasing a used helmet can be very risky and is NOT recommended. The helmet may have sustained previous damage not visible to the naked eye.

A ponytail or different hairstyle can affect the fit of your helmet. When you try on helmets prior to purchase, wear your hair in the style that you expect to wear it when riding.

Do NOT tilt up your helmet. Helmets should be worn with the visor parallel to the ground.

Do NOT wear a helmet designed for use in other sports when riding i.e. a bike helmet. Equestrian helmets are specifically designed and tested for a fall from a horse.