Fallon Taylor Breaking the Stigma of Wearing Helmets

2014 World Champion Barrel Racer Fallon Taylor talks about why she wants to break the stigma of wearing helmets.


  1. Shari Abshire says:

    I love that you are helping kids to know it’s alright to wear a helmet during speed events or any horse related activities. My granddaughter started riding about 3.5 years ago. When she started we began at a local shodeo and no one worn helmets and she didn’t either. Then she started working with a trainer who demands that kids wear helmets. We got her one of your paint splattered helmets and everyone thought it was so cool! The last few years we are seeing a lot more folks wearing helmets at our shodeo and we are so glad for that. I just don’t understand taking that risk.

  2. Never caught with out my helmet!! Just last month we went to barrel race and my gut feeling was to tell a friend I have an extra helmet she could barrow because she didn’t have one. She took me up on that offer and I thank the lord that she did. During her run on a very well trained horse he spoked, bucked and ran leaving her flying In the air and head first in the ground. No movement from her for a min and then she moved barley. Help was called and she was taken to a hospital were she was diagnosed with several serious injuries. The dr came back to say the only thing that saved her life was her helmet. She was so blessed I had had her use one, from here on out I will always have an extra helmet and if I sees someone with out One I will speak up and say they save lives and encourage then to use it. The troxel helmet is now retired, for the dr said one that hits the ground with that much of an impact should not even worn again. My friend was in ICU for a week and a half and now she is out. She is now looking in to buying a leapord print troxel helmet, she said she will never ride with out one again. Her goal is to ride again but due to dr order she has a few months off for safety and health reasons.

  3. They save lives everyone needs to wear a helmet fallon your doing a great thing

  4. I wholeheartedly agree, please wear a quality helmet , !! In my daughter’s case, would not have saved her, but she did have on one that cracked in several places!! Also was not atop the horse, only getting a leg up to exercise a quarter horse, that the regular exercise riders refused to ride (so called Men) Horse came over, falling on her, then walking on her! Still believe in HELMETS! SHE WOULD NOT WANTED TO LIVE, UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, IN A VEGETATIVE STATE!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL, AND REMEMBER TO WEAR THE HELMET!!

  5. a helmet saved my life too. and same a well trained good broke horse. not his fault I came of on my head. but the helmet was the thing that means I am here and not drooling or in a coma or vegetative state!!! I am soooooo glad your friend took you up on that offer that day. good luck to her in her recovery…. it’s a.long slow process!

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