Don’t Wait For A Life Altering Event To Occur Before You Decide To Wear A Helmet

Tomorrow is International Helmet Awareness Day. Anyone who has shopped with Chagrin Saddlery knows just how seriously we take this. No employee sizes a helmet on a customer unless they have undergone extensive training, and even then they are still checked and rechecked. I have them check me too. It’s that important that a helmet fits correctly because it can save someone’s life.

11745601_946125125407653_5055019937858811109_nI can’t tell you how many letters we receive from riders who avoided serious injury due to wearing a properly fitting helmet. Yet there are still so many who ride without wearing a helmet. Just blows me away.

The motivation behind helmet awareness day was Courtney Dye King who, in 2010, suffered a traumatic brain injury from a riding accident. She was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Courtney was a rising international dressage rider, an Olympian. Today she is still recovering from this accident and is working towards competing as a para-rider.

I realize a helmet messes up your hair, doesn’t look cool (well not if you get one from us lol,) and generally is uncomfortable. It’s definitely not normal to put your head in something that, to some, feels like a vice grip. However, don’t wait for a serious life altering event to occur before you decide to wear one. Courtney has taken her story all over the world spreading this message.

Whether you buy one from us or someone else, just make sure you wear a helmet when you ride. You are so worth it.

Be safe

Dana Miller

Partner, Certified Helmet Fitter, Chagrin Saddlery

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