A Helmet Saved My Daughter’s life – Tracy Frame

On October 30th, 2010 our daughter was riding a Pintabian mare, she was still kind of green but was going to be used for barrel racing.  Amber came down our driveway at a trot and the horse bolted, they both went threw a three wire fence, both Amber and the horse went down. We couldn’t […]

“I Was Knocked Unconscious” – Jennifer Groen

“I grew up riding horses.  When I was at an event I wore my helmet, but when I was at home I didn’t bother.  When I friend of mind ended up in the hospital after a fall from a horse, I re-evaluated wearing a helmet.  I would tease her, saying that I learned from her […]

Take care of your helmets, NEVER throw them on the ground – Rachael Duhig

Have you ever thrown your helmet down after a chukka in anger from a bad game?! Casually tossed it into the back of your truck for “safe keeping”?? Taken a fall, hit your head…and after inspecting your helmet thought to yourself, “it looks fine, I can use it again!” UK team member, Rachael Duhig, has […]

“I Love My Tipperary Sportage” – Sarah Reid

“I work as a Park Aide in a state park. When we got a call last weekend about someone falling off a horse, my boss (the Ranger/EMT) agreed to have me come along to help manage the horses, because we had no idea what we would find.A man had been bucked off, he was out […]

My Daughter Was Involved In A Freak Accident – Amanda Shannon Agee

“Thank you Ovation Riding for making such an amazing product in your helmets. My daughter was involved in a freak accident today. She was on a horse and adjusting her stirrups, when he started to back up, tripped on his back feet, sat down like a dog and flipped on top of her! I thought […]

HELMETS ALWAYS it’s not just a saying – by Peta Peskova

Dear team KEP Italia, After last Sunday I am an another person who has to say “Thanks to KEP I am ‪alive”. “I went to my first outside show of this year, just a warm up show for the CSI3* Eschweiler and I was competing my horse in the 135 class. I rode clear until […]