Speaker Profile: Sandy Siegrist (4th Safety Symposium)

Sandy Siegrist is a life-long horsewoman who practices natural horsemanship, healing and horse care techniques. Her riding experience includes eventing, show jumping, and fox hunting as well as casual trail rides. She is a CPA with several Master’s degrees in Finance and Banking.  She was a SVP for Bank or America and spent 10 years […]

Speaker Profile: Scot Hansen (4th Safety Symposium)

Scot is a retired mounted police officer who trained officers and horses, purchased remounts, and worked the streets. During this time, he had the opportunity to ride horses in and around obstacles that the average person never encounters. He has ridden horses through difficult spots like railroad yards, tunnels, freeways, bars, crowd control, stadiums, fireworks, […]

Speaker Profile: Tonya Johnston (4th Safety Symposium)

Tonya Johnston, MA, is a Mental Skills Coach and author. Her private mental skills practice serves clients throughout the country. Tonya received her BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, and her Master’s in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. For the past 20 years, Tonya has specialized in working equestrian athletes from a […]

Speaker Profile: Kathy Slack (4th Safety Symposium)

Horses have always been my passion.  I began riding at the age of 6 and was teaching equitation by the time I was 16.  As an adult, my horses remained a hobby that I fit in as I started a family and became a nurse. Nursing led me to a rewarding career in Trauma Burn […]