Himes Introduces Christen O’Donnell Equestrian Helmet Labeling Act

Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04), along with Representatives John Larson (CT-01), Elizabeth Esty (CT-05) and John Carney (DE-At Large), have introduced the Christen O’Donnell Equestrian Helmet Labeling Act. The bill is designed to let horseback riders know if the headgear they are purchasing meets basic safety requirements. “Eighteen years ago in Darien, Christen O’Donnell died after […]

New Zealand Equestrian Federation Introduces Approved Safety Helmet Rule

A new rule introduced into the Equestrian Sports New Zealand General Regulations will see all riders competing in ESNZ disciplines having to wear approved safety helmets from August 2017. The ESNZ rule now states that all riders must wear an approved safety helmet in competition – the accepted safety standards can be found at all […]

Equestrian Sports New Zealand Bans Top Hats In All Competitions

Rider safety (and safety in general) is always a critical concern for ESNZ and its Board has taken a bold step in mandating the use of approved safety helmets for ALL equestrian competition in the future.  This means that the long-established top hat is no longerallowed to be worn in the disciplines of Dressage and […]

Hurlingham Polo Association Safety Advisory Panel Helmet Rule Update

Following a comprehensive review the Hurlingham Polo Association Stewards have approved a future amendment to the rules for Protective Equipment (Rule 2.3b of the 2016 HPA’s Rules and Regulations) that, from 1st January 2018, all players shall wear a helmet that is Kite Marked and Certified to PAS 015:2011 standard as minimum. All polo helmet […]

British Showjumping Hat Standards Set To Change For 2016

To give British Showjumping members the best chance of preparing for the changes in British Showjumping hat standards in future, please note the below ruling which will come into effect on the 1st January 2016 101.3 Hats. A ‘Riding Hat’, designed to provide protection, must be worn, at all times when mounted by anyone, whether […]

British Dressage 2016 Hat Rules

A ‘Riding Hat’, designed to provide protection, must be worn at all times when mounted by anyone, whether or not a Competitor, at a BD Competition, including exercising, warming up and competing. Hats and hat covers must be predominately black, navy blue or a conservative colour that matches the rider’s jacket. Top hats or uniform […]