Equestrian Riding Hat Testing With Gatehouse Hats (Video)

Jonty Evans talks to Bill Vero about the rigorous testing processes required for equestrian safety headwear. Bill has a lifetime’s experience in the hat industry and was involved in the development and evolution of the Gatehouse range of riding helmets, including the famous Gatehouse HS1 Jockey Skull.

Correctly Fitting A Helmet With Kim Gentry – One K Helmets

Kim Gentry, an international Grand Prix rider and a member of the Australian high-performance squad gives a brief overview of correct helmet fit.

Venting and Equestrian Helmets presented by Tipperary

Concussion Awareness for Equestrians

International Helmet Awareness Day 2016 Would you know if someone was suffering from a concussion? Did you know that the average amount of traumatic brain injury-related deaths in equestrian sport is more than seven times that of traumatic brain injury-related deaths in contact sports (such as American football)? That’s an average of 60 deaths in […]

Brain Injuries Do Not Discriminate – By Erin Gilmore

Rider level has nothing to do with risk when it comes to head injuries. Take a walk around an international, USEF-sanctioned showgrounds and one thing becomes apparent: carelessness seems to have become a symptom of experience. More often than not, the more experienced the rider, the less likely they are to don a helmet rather […]

The Safety Implications Of Having An Incorrectly Fitting Helmet – Roy Burek, Charles Owen

Roy Burek, Managing Director of Charles Owen presented on the “Safety Implications Of Having An Incorrectly Fitting Helmet” at the 3rd Riders4Helmets Safety Symposium. See below for Roy’s video presentation and please always wear a helmet when you ride. Thank you to Charles Owen for being a sponsor of the 3rd symposium. Visit www.charlesowen.com to […]