Concussion in Equestrian Sport – Dr Chambless (2nd Helmet Safety Symposium)

Dr. Chambless’ 2nd presentation of the day was on concussions. Simply, a concussion is an alteration in brain function resulting from trauma – and they do not require a loss of consciousness. Concussions are diagnosed based on the symptoms. Because they are a problem with function rather than structure (such as a fracture, bruise, swelling, […]

Equestrian Safety Fashion Show

The equestrians who participated in the rider panel at the helmet safety symposium also participated in a fun fashion show held during the lunch break. The fashion show was sponsored by Equisafety High Viz Apparel (coming soon to the USA – watch this space), Equestrian Collections (leading online equestrian retailer), Equestrian Professional (Where the pro’s […]

A Parents Perspective On Helmets – Kemi O’Donnell (2nd Helmet Safety Symposium)

Starting out the symposium was Kemi O’Donnell sharing her heart-wrenching story of losing her 12-year-old daughter Christen in a riding accident in 1998 (The Tragic Loss of Christen O’Donnell). Christen was wearing a velvet hard hat with a chinstrap, as required at all times by her trainer – but it wasn’t a certified safety helmet. […]

Traumatic Brain Injury in Equestrian Sport – Dr Chambless (2nd Helmet Safety Symposium)

Dr Chambless is a Neurosurgeon at Vanderbilt University and also an Event Rider. The most important thing we took away from Dr. Chambless’ discussion on types, diagnosis, and treatment of TBI is that you should never mess around with a potential head injury. Dr Chambless shared some pretty sobering statistics: A motorcyclist can expect one […]

Current Helmet Rules & The Future: A Discussion – John Long (2nd Helmet Safety Symposium)

John Long, CEO United States Equestrian Federation put it well when he said that increasing helmet wearing among riders is both a push and a pull. “The changes that stick, and that mean something come from a push and pull. What makes it work is that individually we change our own behaviors because there’s a […]

Cowboy Hat To Cowboy Helmet: The Transition – Mary Miller Jordan (2nd Helmet Safety Symposium)

Mary Miller Jordan is a successful barrel racer and Extreme Mustang Makeover competitor – who recently started wearing a helmet (read “A Cowgirl Change of Heart” by Lisa Kemp). She explained that in her world growing up riding gaited horses western, nobody wore helmets. The riders she looked up to didn’t. And as a result, […]