A Helmet Saved My Daughter’s life – Tracy Frame

On October 30th, 2010 our daughter was riding a Pintabian mare, she was still kind of green but was going to be used for barrel racing.  Amber came down our driveway at a trot and the horse bolted, they both went threw a three wire fence, both Amber and the horse went down.


We couldn’t see Amber so we assumed Amber was under the horse but thank goodness when we got to her side, she was on the side of the horse. Amber was knocked out, I ran to the house and called the ambulance, as we waited we kept hearing rasping breathing coming from her. My husband unhooked her riding helmet which did the trick.

Amber had a seizure when the ambulance got hear, they took her to Hallock MN to the emergency room and then air lifted her to Sanford Hospital in Fargo, North Dakota, where she stayed for 31 days.

I will honestly say and so do the doctors, that if it wasn’t for Amber wearing her helmet she wouldn’t be hear today.

– Tracey Frame

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