Petitioning The Hurlingham Polo Association (UK)

Change Rule 3c To Insist Upon Safe Helmets For The 2015 Season

Following deaths and recent serious accidents to experienced and well known players, and to follow all the other equestrian disciplines, the Hurlingham Polo Association need to enforce the use of proper headgear to make polo safer. It is very fast contact sport and falls are commonplace. Recent research has shown that even mild brain injuries with no loss of consciousness can cause dementia and worse in later life.

The Hurlingham Polo Association need to insist upon helmets that have been satisfactorily tested by either UK or American safety institutions and that have a three point harness.

Tackling The Sports Concussion Crisis (Lancet Neurology Journal article)

All other disciplines insist upon safe headgear, from Dressage to Eventing to Racing. There have been no deaths by head injury in racing, flat or jump, for over 20 years.

This rule will make the sport safer, improve its image, and help protect players from life changing brain injuries/death and the pain and suffering to loved ones that follows such incidents. “Sanity over Vanity”! #saferpolo

To sign the petition, visit this link. Petition by Aurora Eastwood, Winchester, United Kingdom

EDITOR’S NOTE: Former FEI Medical Council Chair and USET Physician Dr Craig Ferrell died while playing polo. We owe it to him to sign this petition in order to continue his work campaigning for improved equestrian safety.

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  1. Sallie Stewart says:

    Helmet testing and a safety standard are a MUST! If a athlete puts a helmet on their head……they deserve the right to know that this piece of equipment has met a safety standard. It is a human right. We should all be human about this. After all horses are the great uniter(sp)r in the world. Horse unite many from around the world from all disciplines. As equestrians….. we all need to look out for each other. And so should helmet manufacturers and the organizations who organize sports we compete in by implementing helmet safety standards

  2. Lauren Terk says:

    A few years ago I arranged to meet a friend at the barn. He arrived early and, an experienced player, played in a few pick-up chukkers before I arrived. When I got there I realized my friend, who I had known for 20 years, didn’t know who I was. I also determined that he didn’t even know who he was or what he was doing there … he was literally checking the papers in in pockets trying to figure it out! He had borrowed a helmet that failed to meet reasonable safety standards and had come off during play. The helmet cracked and he sustaining a major concussion. There was no excuse for that. Please implement rules that require players to wear helmets which meet meaningful safety standards.

  3. Michelle Coxx says:

    I started a petition for keeping our horses and riders safe at the rodeos and barrel racing competition. Please sign mine. Also Fallon Taylor is the only person wearing a helmet this year at the Wranglers National Finals Rodeo. Please support her. She is currently #1 in the standings with 2 more go rounds left to go.

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