Teenager Kicked in Head By Horse After Falling While Jumping

Rosie Morton, 18, is lucky to be alive after an accident while jumping her eight-year-old horse Luke. Rosie was happily jumping when Luke  suddenly refused a fence, throwing Rosie to the ground. While Rosie was on the ground, Luke kicked out catching her above her left eye which left a deep gash and required a visit to the hospital. Doctors said she was lucky to survive and added that her riding helmet had absorbed the brunt of the blow.

“If I hadn’t been wearing my riding hat, I would have been a lot more seriously injured, if not dead,” said Morton. “I didn’t always used to wear it when I was riding Luke, but I will from now on.”

Rosie’s friend happened to be filming her ride and captured the accident on video (see below).

‘I don’t believe for a second that Luke would have ever meant to have hurt me. I’ve owned him for two years and we have an amazing bond,” Morton continued. “But it doesn’t take much to frighten a horse, and they’re flight animals – they kick out in fear or shock, not aggression. People need to understand how powerful they are.”

PLEASE Always Wear A Helmet When You Ride.



  1. Have to agree with Linda here. He did it on purpose, not by accident. It was unsafe ride to start with, and the girl is VERY lucky not to have any major injuries!

  2. He saw you and squared up on you girl. That was pure aggression and he needs some respect instilled. I’d research ways to deal with that if I were you before you do get killed. If you believe they dont have aggression your in total denial. *Fight or flight* & that was all fight.

  3. That was clearly a deliberate kick. This will sound harsh, I would seriously consider putting him down. Too much risk involved and you can’t pass off that liability to another person.

  4. So happy that the girl was wearing a helmet, but that horse did kick her on purpose. He looked at her turned and aimed at her head. He was not afraid, He was mad, that is why he refused the fence.

    Hope that he doesn’t seriously hurt the girl in the future.

  5. Clearly the horse delivered the blow with intent. She is indeed very lucky, and the horse behaved very poorly, a horse like this that delivers a kick on purpose cannot be trusted without a great deal of new training and lots of ground work for respect.

  6. I afree with LInda that it looked like he kicked her on purpose and if that had been my horse he would have been treated like any dog that bites on purpose. Good buy horse.

  7. HorseLuvr says:

    First off she should not have been jumping without a saddle, that would have more then likely prevented her hitting the ground. While it looks like the horse did it on purpose, I have a feeling it was a reaction to the sound she made and her arms and legs flaying, thus bringing out the “fight” response then the “flight” response. I feel both the rider and the horse are equally at fault. Without being able to see more of the complete video I would not pass judgement on the horse at this time. Was she whipping the crap to get him to go over, how many times had he refused that jump prior to this try? Did something else spook him just before the jump that was not shown on the video? Glad she had a helmet on, probebly the only smart thing she did that day and it saved her life.

  8. summerhorse says:

    OMG I’d STILL be chasing him around the county screaming like a banshee and he’d be CERTAIN he was gonna die! I’d advise not riding that one bareback!

  9. First of.all, anytime you jump you should wear a helmet. Second of all, where is your saddle? Third, did the horse refuse the jump because it is having back, neck, or leg issues. Sometimes what we consider a naughty horse just means they are trying to tell us that they hurt. Fourth, the horse did take aim at the girls head. Safety first was not considered before riding.

  10. I agree with the others. I’ve had horses > 30 years and that was a straight out deliberate kick. That horse wouldn’t be staying in my barn any longer. That was no fright/flight action – he stopped, turned, kicked and then fled.

  11. Mary or anyone else this could apply to..

    You would just up and get rid of the animal because of most likely something YOU did to provoke a bite or a kick? Animals don’t usually do things just to “do it”.. Their is most likely a reason. Perhaps because she was riding bareback, something hurt.. aka his spine or something else. Anything could have provoked a direct kick like that to her face… Or maybe it is just because the horse is nasty.. but yeah just up and sell the animal or get rid of it because of one incident of it being angry with you… Please, don’t own an animal.. WORK with it.. Build the bond. If my dog bit me or my horse bit me or kicked me, I’d look into WHY and figure out what happened.. not just up and ” it bit me, im selling it..” Way to avoid an issue and just pass it off to another person to “deal with”.

    If you buy an animal, ANY animal.. and it has a problem (they all do, by the way)… and expect it to be PERFECT and never lash out, PLEASE do the world a favor and stick with fish… or a stuffed animal.


  12. to be fair he did kick her on purpose but because she was on the ground didnt relate her as a peson had she been standing and he did that i would be less forgiving

  13. I have worked with horses for over 20 years, studying, riding and training them. I also work with rehabilitating equine feet by performing corrective training. I used to carry an International Riding Instructor Certification, gave riding lessons, including at State 4-H Horse Camp, and carried a Judges card and judged. I have also given Horsemanship Clinics. My knowledge and experience is extensive. This is NOT a horse that I would keep on my place. I have owned and worked with horse that do whatever I ask, but can NEVER be trusted. I was training one such horse for handicapped boy one time. The horse did EVERYTHING I asked, but in a sulking manner, most of the time with his ears back. He was simply waiting for a chance like this horse to release his anger and his dominance over me. I owned another pony who was being ridden by a small child in a competitive event. When the child simply slipped from the saddle, the pony stopped and stood stalk still until the little guy climbed back on board! Another horse I owned was being ridden by our young daughter when he tucked his buck and gave a playful little buck. He was an elderly Riding Lesson horse that KNEW better. He managed to unseat her, I dismounted and led her home on my green broke gelding….When I arrived home, the gelding KNEW he had messed up. He sulked for 2 whole days. He was one of my most dependable, older riding lesson horses. If your horse felt as bonded to you as you do to him, he would have NEVER left you alone, let alone DELIBERATELY struck out at your head!!! I would NOT keep a horse like this on my place. The horse that I was training for the Handicapped child was sold by it’s owners. A horse like that, waiting for your defenses to be down should be put down. They are VERY dangerous animals indeed!!! On the other hand, I have had a horse that I owned react out of fear. He was successfully retrained to overcome his fears and I was able to ride him bareback and without any tack on his head for control….just my weight, my legs, and my hands on a narrow rope around his neck. There are TOO many good horses around to take your chances on one like you have been riding! Sorry for the discouraging news….but it is the reality of the situation. Your life was spared this time….it may not be next time!!!

  14. intentional. 100% intentional. He planted his feet aimed and kicked. NOT out of fear either.

  15. tchofclas says:

    Yes, I would say the kick is deliberate. But did the horse know it was her? I really doubt it. When he turned, he suddenly saw something crouching on the ground and defended himself. Would be interesting to know if she has ever fallen off this horse like this before.

  16. They are animals. Respect is number one. How many horses do you all have??? Unpredictability is what makes them animals. Kicked her with intent haha imagine! I’m sure he’s in his stall right now plotting her end. Oh, that’s SARCASM I’m using for the feeble minded.

  17. Bronc rider says:

    Girls fault. if you fall off, dont just sit there, its called tuck and roll, that was completely preventable. Any horse will kick if frightened or startled.

  18. This horse needs a serious lesson in respect before he hurts this girl! Glad she was wearing a helmet!!

  19. The helmet may have saved her life but one has to wonder if this horse is capable to do the work asked? Without seeing the approach, how she rode, how the horse seemed before the jump and the experience each has one can never know. This horse may have kicked her on purpose but it looked fear driven. “There is a cougar on my back and I need to kill it before it kills me.” Watch his face as he runs away, he is truely scared.

  20. Looked intentional to me.

  21. “Special bond” my arse. That horse deliberately kicked her. If it were my daughter she would never be allowed around that horse again and it would be sold.

  22. Elise Doran says:

    There is a thread on a well known horse show forum discussing this.

    The consensus was that 1- The pony is dangerous and 2-The pony was made so by the owners lack of safe horsemanship.

  23. jaimie sanger says:

    Guys, I can assure you. This pony ADORES Rosie. None of you was in her position so you cannot judge. I would like to inform you that luke and rosie are both doing fine and on monday went to the xc and done fab. Every horse is dangerous you silly people. LACK OF HORSEMANSHIP? I’m sorry but you should really see the wonders this girl has done with luke and her other horses. Rosie LIVES for her horses she absolutely adores them and they adore her, so take your stupid petty little comments where they are wanted 🙂

  24. This girl is an idiot, and is doing this for attention, but this time it backfired on her.

    She has video after video of her “coming off a horse” and in every one of them? She is launching herself off.

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