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Lexington, KY (January 7th, 2012)—The popular helmet awareness campaign Riders4Helmets will be hosting the 4th Riders4Helmets Safety Symposium on Saturday February 2nd, 2013 at the Alltech Arena, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The symposium is being sponsored by TipperaryCharles OwenTroxel, GPA, One K, Ovation and High Visibility USA (Equisafety). Contributing companies include Adequan and Triple Crown. For those who cannot attend the symposium in person, videoed sessions will be available on www.riders4helmets.com following the event. Attendance to the symposium is open to any member of the public, but individuals who plan to attend must preregister in order to avoid the $10 entrance fee for the event. To preregister, please visit www.riders4helmets.com/helmet-safety-symposium-registration/

The Helmet Safety Symposium will bring together representatives from various corners of the equestrian world to discuss the importance of wearing helmets, rider safety and education, and to improve helmet designs and more. The event will provide a series of short lectures and panel discussions throughout the day. Many in attendance will also sit on the panels, including equestrians, helmet manufacturers, equestrian organizations, and neurosurgeons. Lyndsey White of Riders4Helmets will be the chair of the meeting.

“We are very excited to be hosting the 4th Riders4Helmets Safety Symposium and to see it continue to expand not only into other equestrian disciplines but all aspects of equestrian safety,” said White. “The symposia are a fantastic opportunity to bring together many individuals, organizations and associations all in one place, to continue important discussions regarding equestrian safety. We are already planning the 1st International Equestrian Safety Symposium for summer 2013 to be held in the UK, which will take the symposia concept to an even wider audience.”

The Craig Ferrell M.D Equestrian Safety Awards named the late USET Physician and Chair of the FEI Medical Council Craig Ferrell, will be presented at the Safety Symposium. Mrs. Lorraine Ferrell will be in attendance to observe the recognition of individuals who have been nominated by equestrians, as being exceptional role models for helmet wearing, or equestrian safety.

Symposium topics will include the following:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions: The Latest Research, Long Term Effects and Revolutionary Technologies
  • Helmets in the Western World
  • Educating Our Youth
  • Helmets On The Trail
  • In Memoriam – Cheryl Strong-Camilleri
  • Gaining Acceptance In The Equestrian Community For Helmet Use
  • We Are All Role Models: Setting An Example
  • Safety Incentives – Thinking Outside The Box To Get Helmets Introduced Into Non-Helmet Wearing Disciplines
  • Helmets And The Breed Organizations
  • Current Helmet Rules: Clarification Across The Disciplines
  • Riders4Helmets: Three Years On

Speakers include:

  • Champion Barrel Racer: Megan Sparks
  • Olympians: Courtney King-Dye (via video), Darren Chiacchia
  • Multiple CMSA World & National Champion Cowgirl: Tammy Sronce
  • HorseThink™ Keeping You Safe: Scot Hansen & Sandy Siegrist
  • Champion Reiner: Lyndsey Jordan
  • ACTHA: Caroline Scrima
  • Britni Lovelace, Brooke Smith & Zane Lovelace
  • Equestrian Mental Skills Coach: Tonya Johnston
  • Neurosurgeon (name to be confirmed)
  • RidingHorses.com: Kathy Slack
  • Reserve Champion Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover: Mary Miller Jordan
  • Equestrian Mental Skills Coach: Tonya Johnston
  • USEF: Leigh Anne Claywell
  • Tipperary: Len Clemente

The full symposium agenda will be available shortly at www.riders4helmets.com/category/4th-safety-symposium/. Speaker profiles can be found at www.riders4helmets.com/category/speaker-profiles/.

To book a discounted hotel room at the host hotel, please call the Clarion, Lexington, Kentucky at (800) 424-6423 and use discount code “Riders4Helmets”.

The Kentucky Horse Council Round Up will also be taking place at the Alltech Arena on the same day as the safety symposium. The Round Up will feature a number of demonstrations, activities and events, culminating in a concert on Saturday evening with country music legend John Michael Montgomery. For further details on this event please visit www.kentuckyroundup.com.

For more information on the Riders4Helmets campaign, visit www.riders4helmets.com. You can also follow the campaign at www.facebook.com/riders4helmets and http://twitter.com/riders4helmets.

Riders4Helmets was founded in early 2010 after Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye was seriously injured in a riding accident. King Dye, who remained in a coma for a month following her accident, was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and continues to undergo rehabilitation. The goal of the Riders4Helmets Campaign is to educate equestrians on the benefits of wearing a properly fitted and secured, certified helmet.



  1. The Kentucky Mounted Patrol, a helmet mandatory organization, supports your efforts. We will be volunteering for the Kentucky Horse Council Round-Up during your symposium but look forward to leading by example as your attendees visit the Horse Park.

  2. deb colony md says:

    I’m an emergency physician. WEAR YOUR HELMET. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death. No kidding.

  3. Debbie Trader says:

    I would love to see more Western riders wearing Helmets. In the show ring and Trail riding. I myself have always rode English and have always wore a helmet along with my 2 children. I know the importance of a helmet, but after my move here from Pennsylvania, My part of the woods here, so to say, in Catlettsburg, Ky, Helmets are a novelty to wear……I would love to see more on the trails and at the Western shows, Whatever discipline you ride , you should have a helmet on.
    Would it be possible to attend both saftey and council round up for the demonstations and activities If I pre-registered for the saftey Symposium???

  4. Hi Debbie,

    I believe that so long as you are pre-registered for the safety symposium that gets you free access to the Ag Round Up activities (with the exception of the concert).

    Kind regards,

  5. Mia Glasser says:

    Hi, this is very interesting! I was wondering if there is anything like this for Canada? Especially Western Canada. How would one go about getting something like this started up here? I think more awareness is needed for this because lots of western riders don’t think it’s necessary to wear a helmet. A friend of mine was almost killed this summer when her horse fell off a cliff. She was not wearing a helmet at the time, but you can bet she does now!! I will be reading some of the articles that you have posted! Thanks!

  6. Last summer there were plenty of trail rides I took my mare on & did not wear my helmet. It was hot & I was stupid wanting comfort of the wind through my hair instead of safety. On one of those hot days I chose to wear my helmet & I’m glad I did because my mare & I had a “discussion” on which direction we were going to go at a gallop. Needless to say, she won. I came off & landed head 1st in a tree. My helmet saved my life & I was able to get up & ride (slowly due to a pulled groin)home. Whether I’m in the arena or out on a casual hack in the forest, I ALWAYS wear a helmet now! Anyone who doesn’t is just plain stupid! (I’m my opinion!)

  7. Hi Mia,

    Please email lyndsey@riders4helmets.com. We are happy to look at partnering with yourself or others in Canada who might want to extend the reach of Riders4Helmets by holding Safety Symposiums and other educational events.

    Kind regards, Lyndsey

  8. Gee Knopik says:

    I am shocked at the youth events( be it shows to rodeos) that do not require helmets for under eighteen. I have used helmets since the first time I was introduced to horses and it’s second nature just like a piece of tack. Of course things can happen from the ground too… It’s not just when you ride.

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