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Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro Break World Record While Wearing Helmet

HUGE congratulations to Charlotte Dujardin who broke the World Record for a Grand Prix Special score with 88.022% riding Valegro at the CDI Hagen. What was even better than Charlotte’s fabulous score was that she was wearing a helmet!!! Charlotte is sponsored by Charles Owen.

Olympian And Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Darren Chiacchia Supports Riders4Helmets At Rolex 3DE

Olympian Darren Chiacchia joined Riders4Helmets at the Rolex 3DE this past weekend to sign autographs for fans (see photo gallery below) and discuss his 2008 accident in which he suffered a traumatic brain injury. Darren was joined on Saturday by mental skills coach and author Tonya Johnston who has just released her first book “Inside Your […]

KEP Helmets Lend Support To Riders4Helmets At Rolex Kentucky 3DE

“As a representative of JPC Equestrian and KEP helmets I am proud to be here at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event to support the Riders4Helmets program.  What a wonderful opportunity for riders of all ages and disciplines to gain awareness on helmet usage and learn about some of the wonderful helmets on the market […]

Estrogen Hormone Reveals Protective Ability after Traumatic Brain Injury

Newswise — San Diego—With more than 1.7 million people sustaining a traumatic brain injury each year, the need to identify processes to limit inflammation and subsequent damage is critical. Approximately 275,000 people are hospitalized annually with traumatic brain injury, leaving 85,000 with long-term disabilities and taking the lives of more than 50,000. More than 5 […]

Start With Low Hanging Fruit In TBI Treatment

A great deal of good basic science research has and continues to get done, but mostly in silos. Standardizing what is known in clinical practice would be the smart way to optimize care for people with TBI.

I Was Thrown Landing On My Head

The following is the discussion from a friend of mine of his helmet-less horse wreck and the lessons hopefully learned from it. I trust you will find it to be of interest. Normally he would have been wearing his helmet – John Leighty “So what happened? As many of you know on March 20 while […]