5 Helmet Safety Questions With GPA

Riders4helmets asked each of the helmet manufacturers to answer 5 questions regarding their helmets and helmet safety (the same questions were posed to each manufacturer). Below are the responses from GPA, look for answers from each of the other manufacturers to follow.

1) Please briefly introduce GPA and include how long they have been in existence.

GPA, Superior customer satisfaction and reliability. Drawing on its know-how and expertise acquired in the car racing world, GPA was the first European manufacturer to put approved riding helmets on the market, even before the standard was made mandatory Europe-wide. A leader in this field, GPA has demonstrated its serious commitment by using high-performance materials combining safety and comfort. Initially concentrating on show jumping, GPA then widened its range to cover all the riding sports: eventing, dressage, endurance, polo, driving and gallop races. GPA relies on a network of professional riders, each of whom tests the new products and advises the GPA technical teams on how to optimize them. Before our models appear on the market, the prototypes are tested in real riding situations by the best world-class riders, thus providing a genuine guarantee of satisfaction and reliability for each rider.

2) What is GPA’s best selling helmet (model) in the USA?

Speed’air Evolution and Titium Pro.

3) What is the single most important thing you think riders should know about why they should wear a helmet?

For the best protection always wear a certified riding helmet! It is proven over and over that approved helmets reduce the risk of injury.  Wear it at all times as accidents tend to happen when you least expect it!

4) Are all GPA helmets ASTM certified?

All GPA helmets sold in the USA are ASTM/SEI certified.

5) Please name some of the leading riders who endorse GPA helmets and provide their discipline?

In Europe

Jumping: MArcus Ehning,  Rodrigo Pessoa, Ludger Beerbaum, Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, Jessica Kurten, Pénélope Leprevost, Eric Navet, Steve Guerdat, Cian O’connor

Eventing: Nicolas Touzaint

Races: all the best jockeys: Olivier Peslier, Christophe Soumillon, Christophe Patrice Lemaire

In North America

Jumping: Eric Lamaze, Yann Candele, Ian Millar, Mclain Ward, Lauren Hough, Candice King, Leslie Howard, Kate Levy, Ashlee Bond, Nick and Norman Dello Joio.

Dressage: Steffen Peters, Ilse Schwarz


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