The Impact Was So Hard It Cracked My GPA In Half – Brandi Coulombe


Thanks to Brandi Coulombe, marketing director at for sharing this story regarding why she wears a helmet every time she rides. “I like to have fun and I like to go FAST! I love riding horses, motorcycles, bicycles, boating, fast cars.. if it’s exciting and MOVES, I am in! I’m a little ashamed to read more

It’s Not If But When – Jackie Jatzlau


“I’ve been training in a helmet for years. Last week (after thinking about it for a while), I decided to begin competing in a helmet as well. I’ve estimated that I’ve had somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 concussions in my life. Most were minor (if you can call any head trauma “minor”), but a read more

A Riders Story – Douglas Lebleu

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At 13 years old I was exercising and preparing young horses for racing. One evening I showed up at a trainers barn with no helmet and he asked me “you not riding today?” I said “yes sir I am”. He said “where is your helmet?” I said “I forgot it at home”. The trainer refused read more

Dressage Rider Dies After Being Kicked In The Head

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Samantha Cawkwell, 31, who ran a company called Ultimate Dressage Horse with her boyfriend Andrew Hackett, died July 19th after being kicked in the head by her horse. Samantha who was an accomplished dressage rider on the verge of international selection and who had loved horses ‘since she could walk’, was found in a field read more

Why Wear A Helmet – Jen Losey

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My accident happened July 16, 2015. I always wear a helmet, even when doing ground work. I have a horse here for training. The mare had been cowboyed and she is not a scardy cat but gets worked up. It happened so fast we think she kinda lost her balance, scared herself and when I read more

British Showjumping Hat Standards Set To Change For 2016

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To give British Showjumping members the best chance of preparing for the changes in British Showjumping hat standards in future, please note the below ruling which will come into effect on the 1st January 2016 101.3 Hats. A ‘Riding Hat’, designed to provide protection, must be worn, at all times when mounted by anyone, whether read more

British Dressage 2016 Hat Rules


A ‘Riding Hat’, designed to provide protection, must be worn at all times when mounted by anyone, whether or not a Competitor, at a BD Competition, including exercising, warming up and competing. Hats and hat covers must be predominately black, navy blue or a conservative colour that matches the rider’s jacket. Top hats or uniform read more

Clarification Regarding SEI Helmet Certifications

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Lexington, KY (July 31st, 2015)– The Riders4Helmets campaign strives to be an excellent source of information on all aspects of helmet education to equestrians around the globe. Our mission is simple, to educate equestrians on the benefits of wearing a properly secured and fitted, certified helmet. There have been many questions that we have received read more

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