Have you Ever Wondered How Helmets Are Tested? Lets Find Out With Samshield

Samshield Helmets exceed safety standards required. Watch the below video to find out how the helmets are tested…    

Take care of your helmets, NEVER throw them on the ground – Rachael Duhig

Have you ever thrown your helmet down after a chukka in anger from a bad game?! Casually tossed it into the back of your truck for “safe keeping”?? Taken a fall, hit your head…and after inspecting your helmet thought to yourself, “it looks fine, I can use it again!” UK team member, Rachael Duhig, has […]

Cracked Helmet or Cracked Skull: Helmet Safety and Awareness for Equestrian Athletes – Jen Macri

I was what you could call a late bloomer, not beginning my equestrian career until starting my college years, which I personally believe to be the most difficult time to begin any sport. They were learning to ride as I was learning the meaning of Lent in Preschool.  I was learning to ride as these […]

“I Love My Tipperary Sportage” – Sarah Reid

“I work as a Park Aide in a state park. When we got a call last weekend about someone falling off a horse, my boss (the Ranger/EMT) agreed to have me come along to help manage the horses, because we had no idea what we would find.A man had been bucked off, he was out […]

Lainey Ashker & Anthony Patch: Millbrook Advanced Cross Country Helmet Cam

Awesome XC helmet cam video from one of our favorite riders Lainey & Anthony patch. Watch Lainey smoking the Millbrook Advanced course, coming in with just a few time penalties.

Charles Owen To Develop 3D-Printed Materials As Part Of Head Health Challenge III Initiative

World-leading helmet expert, Roy Burek of Charles Owen Inc., works with Cardiff University and the University of Cambridge to develop 3D-printed materials as part of Head Health Challenge III initiative Funding has been awarded to world-leading, US-based helmet designer and manufacturer, Roy Burek of Charles Owen Inc. to develop a novel material created by researchers […]

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