My Head Smacked The Ground – Kara Jarvis

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I don’t remember much of the story I am about to tell you, to me it is a collection of other people’s memories of the events that changed my life and that they have shared with me. Mine is a story of how my life was heading left, but actually went right. Summer 2012, the […]

Safety Is Sexy

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Thanks to Megan Zehendner for allowing us to republish the following story. Follow Megan’s blog at This story is dedicated to my favorite piece of riding apparel… my helmet. It’s not often that I fall off twice before 6am in the morning, but sometimes life happens and you find yourself with dirt in your pants […]

The Importance Of Wearing A Good Hat When Trying A Horse – Ollie Mann


“I would just like to post this, in order to state the importance of wearing a good helmet and the danger of some private sellers not being completely honest with a horse you are viewing. On Saturday, I arranged to go see two horses with the intention of buying one. I travelled over 2 hours, […]

Equestrians At Higher Risk Of TBI Than Member Of Armed Forces


As a trained Soldier and leader, I always find it a bit funny, when the so-called “leaders” of a team (usually some sort of SWAT team, seen on a TV show) are going into a seemingly dangerous situation, and while everyone around them is suited up for battle, all they wear is a small bulletproof […]

William Fox-Pitt Burghley Cross Country Helmet Cam

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The best seat in the house! Ride around the Land Rover Burghley 2015 Cross Country course with William Fox-Pitt, onboard Fernhill Pimms.

Calgary news veteran Rick Castiglione sees helmets on horseback a must after wife’s accident

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Riders4helmets, After a recent accident involving my wife, I sent a letter to the first responders – Redwood Meadows Emergency Services in Canada to thank them – and to tell them how she was doing and how grateful I was for there help and her helmet. It made the rounds on the Internet and in […]

The Impact Was So Hard It Cracked My GPA In Half – Brandi Coulombe


Thanks to Brandi Coulombe, marketing director at for sharing this story regarding why she wears a helmet every time she rides. “I like to have fun and I like to go FAST! I love riding horses, motorcycles, bicycles, boating, fast cars.. if it’s exciting and MOVES, I am in! I’m a little ashamed to […]

It’s Not If But When – Jackie Jatzlau


“I’ve been training in a helmet for years. Last week (after thinking about it for a while), I decided to begin competing in a helmet as well. I’ve estimated that I’ve had somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 concussions in my life. Most were minor (if you can call any head trauma “minor”), but a […]

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